Urano (우라노, Urano) is planet of Denma.

Summary Edit

6 months earlier, Dike was the number one target for bounty hunters on here.

In Blackout (4), There was a war with Big Four who are El's soldiers, and Dike's colleagues, including the Jet here.

In Savoy Gaal, In the Pentagon, including Gaal, they are tried to hunt Dike down. They kidnapped and sold off Guyrin to El after they failed to capture Dike here. But they was already disbanded before Savoy Gaal. Gaal explains that this reminds him of that one time, when he was on planet Urano. Pentagon was currently in the hyper-acceleration chamber for a hyper-speed train. In here, the passing train creates a sudden drop in air pressure and sucks everything nearby. After that, Azio's group is sucked in a a hyper-speed train. Denma says Manoah's Table is Gaal must've been there at least once if he were on planet Urano and Hannah is quite the cook. So even Chef Manoah would take her in as an apprentice.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Urano refers to the English Urano-, it means "of heaven".


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