Winnova (위노바, Winoba) is the planet of Denma.

Summary Edit

The creatures of this planet has a very distinct property survival mechanism that mimicking their surroundings or nearby creatures and is called Mimicry-species. Mandragora, which grows here, is the major agricultural product of the Goel Orthodox Church there. Priests of Goel Orthodox Church are sending Mandragoras to Bethel Sister's house every year. Most people in Evenessel, a retirement city of planet Even, they have experienced the amazing remedial effects of Mandragoras, cultivated by Sister Naomi.

There're also Beer-Lahai-Roi Imitatros here. This is a Mimicry-species that imitates the most beautiful creature in sight. In Note: Beer-Lahai-Roi Imitatros, A Mimicry-species, Silverquick collects creatures with unique abilities. So it has been caught in Silverquick. It's imitates Silverquick District 7 Director's appearance. So she take a memo 'It seems there exists a universal order of beauty'. And Silverquick District 7 Director's colleague take a memo 'It seems that it's still in shock from being captured'. A figure production team in South Korea makes this scene as a figure. The team name also comes from here. link (Korean)

5 years ago, Sister Naomi used to work here as a Mandragora master. Sister Naomi met with the Mother Superior of Bethel Sister's house who visited here for a while.

When Sister Naomi left, the priests of the Goel Orthodox Church, sent Mandragoras every year to the Bethel Sister's house of the planet Even.

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