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Youngsoon Yang (양영순, Yang Yeongsun, born on December 2, 1971) is a South Korean cartoonist or webcomic artist. He's a graduate of Kookmin University, BFA, Visual Communication Design.

His wife, Donghyun Shin (신동현, Shin Donghyun), is also a cartoonist. Kkongsimi NOTE (Webtoon), The Happiest Mom in the World Wrote, Kkongsimi Child Care Diary (book) blog (Korean) Between them, a daughter is born in November 18 2004. Her name is Hwimo Yang (양휘모, Yang Hwimo) and she's opens exhibitions. link (Korean)

His religion is unknown, but in-laws' house with his wife is presumed to be Catholic Church. link So the Church of Madonna parodied Catholic Church.

He has read the Bible. Therefore, he often puts parodies of the Bible in his works.

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Navercast (Korean)

interview on 1997 (Korean)

interview on 2012 (Korean)

interview on 2014 (Korean)

interview on 2015 (Korean)

video on 2015 (Korean)

Lambiek on 2012

In the early 1990s, a cartoonist who took a class at the Manga Academy answered the question of what kind of cartoon he would like to do as follows. "I want to make a cartoon with sex and violence." This cartoonist is subject to the works of 「Insect collectors K and L 」in the comic contest of the first adult cartoon magazine 『Mr. Blue』 in 1995. Since then, this work has received the name 『NudlNude』 and the Korean cartoon world has acquired a totally different cartoonist called 'Youngsoon Yang.' With the 'sex' The reader's enthusiasm for「NudlNude」turned out to be explosive. 『NudlNude』, which was portrayed with a healthy imagination at all, while treating the secret fantasies of Korean men explicitly, was created as an adult animation and offered another pleasure. Since then, the imagination of Youngsoon Yang has evolved with the introduction of 『Junk Book』, 『Ssaikechi』, 『Kidongi』, and 『Kungdariman』. Especially, 『Asaekkiga』 was not bound to any taboo, but unfolded his imaginative imagination. The 『Asaekkiga』, which was published through a sports newspaper, became the most crucial role in the genre of the 4 page color sitcom becoming the mainstream of the newspaper comics. 『1001』 reveals that his true story is in storytelling by lightly throwing away the existing bridle that was trying to confine the author Youngsoon Yang with 'sex' and 'bizarre' code.

He likes Minzy, a former member of 2NE1. So Min-G, who's Denma character's name motif is Minzy. link Also in Denma Chapter 1 7. A.E. (2), Denma sings the G-Dragon's Heartbreaker. And Z-Dragon is refers to G-Dragon, a member of Big Bang. The author is estimated to be a fan of YG Entertainment. In 2018, he also likes Twice. In Chapter 3 1. Dike (110) (Korean), (111) (Korean), (112) (Korean), the uncle mentioned T와이스 (Twaiseu) and Tzuyu, Mina, Sana. link (Korean)

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All but excludes Denma and MXM Master R & B Sigmund's Letter aren't translated into English.

Cartoon Edit

NudlNude Edit

Insect collectors K and L (곤충채집가 K와 L, Gonchungchaejipga keiwa el) was posted on 1994, in the Mr. Blue, which is NSFW comics magazine. The title of this was serialized as a NudlNude (누들누드, Nudeulludeu). It was serialized 1995. Ktoon (Korean) Volumes (Korean)

This is his debut.

It has been adapted into NSFW animation. link


MAAT (마트, Mateu) was serialized 1995, in the Wind Comic, which is NSFW comics magazine of Hot Wind.

This is the main character of Maat, a high priest of the SF-style religious group.

Iron Dog Is No Registration Edit

Iron Dog Is No Registration or Iron Dog isn't Registered or Dog Made of Iron has No Trace (철견무적, 鐵犬無籍, Cheolgyeonmujeok) was serialized 1998, in the Young Red, I.Q. Jump.

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images (Korean)

In the 25th year of the Gwangmu, the chiefs of Enoch's neighborhood (administrative division) are have a warrior class called Ssaurabi. Iron dogs are belong to the Ssaurabi. All of Ssaurabi have been converted into cyborg arms. They compete with each other and battle. Here people dress in like school uniforms.

The main character is Abigail. Abigail has a scar behind his head. Abigail meets Yujin. SF-style denomination also appears here.

Denma reveals that the background here is a planet Gaia.

Junk Book Edit

Junk Book (정크북, Jeongkeubuk) was serialized on 1998. Volume (Korean)

Kidongi Edit

Kidongi (기동이, Gidongi) was serialized on 2000. Volumes (Korean)

It's NSFW comic.

Kungdariman Edit

Kungdariman (쿵다리맨, Kungdarimaen) is NSFW comic.

Ssaikechi Edit

Ssaikechi (싸이케치, Saikechi)

Webtoon Edit

Asekkiga Edit

Asekkiga (아색기가, 我色氣歌, Asaekgiga) was serialized 2001, in the The Daily Sports.

It's NSFW comic. It's written and drawed by Youngsoon Yang and colored by his wife, Donghyun Shin. link Volumes (Korean)

On May 24th, 2004, the word 'Kkonggikkonggi (꽁기꽁기) (Korean)' was made in this work, and it became a topic. Kkonggikkonggi means thingamajig. link (Korean)

See Asekkiga.

1001 Edit

1001 (천일야화, Cheoniryahwa) was serialized 2005, in the Paran, Ktoon (Korean). It's written and drawed by Youngsoon Yang and colored by his wife, Donghyun Shin. Volumes (Korean)

And it was translated in Japanese at March 7 ~ September 26, 2017. comico

Man of Chivalrous Spirit's Story Edit

Man of Chivalrous Spirit's Story (협객전, Hyeopgaekjeon) was serialized 2006, in the Sport news.

Sambanijo Edit

Sambanijo (삼반이조, Sambanijo) was serialized 2006, in the Paran.

It deals with the contents related to the past life, and shows how to get super power.

Ran's Formula Edit

Ran's Formula (란의 공식, Ranui gongsik) was serialized April 30 ~ November 30, 2007, in the Daum webtoon. link (Korean) Volumes (Korean)

Ran's name motif is said to be based on Ran, who is the protagonist of this. Ran causes events by using the causality, like Ran of Denma.

See Ran's Formula.

Yanggun's Miscellaneous Thoughts Edit

Yanggun's Miscellaneous Thoughts (양군잡상, Yanggunjapsang) was serialized June 4 ~ July 29, 2008, in the Yahoo! Cartoonworld which is Yahoo! Korea's webtoon service.

Update days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Youngsoon Yang present the preparation process for the new work of the character, the plot, etc. vividly. What delightful imaginations in the Youngsoon Yang's head will unfold on the monitor?

He drew many prototypes of the Church of Madonna.

Rami Record title

(1), it updated June 4, 2008. The title and Rami's prototype. Rami's prototype resembles her younger sister Soy.

Rami and skeleton

Ram's Record

(2), it updated June 5.

Thomas's prototype

(4), it updated June 10.

Pigear's prototypes

In (7), when it updated June 17, he drew the prototypes of the Pigears.

Rami and Joshua

(11), it updated June 26. Rami and Joshua.

Outdoor suit, negligee

(13), it updated July 1.


In (15), when it updated July 5, 2008, he drew Doctor Kitten's prototype. His name is Keyton and he says he opens doors of all kinds of reality that can't be opened. Kitten is probably supposed to be spelled Keaton or Keyton.

Eastern Church, Western Church

(17), it updated July 10.

Genesis of Church of Madonna

(18), it updated July 12. A prototype of the origin of the Church of Madonna. Joshua, a pioneer who's caught and tortured by the king on charges of disturbing the world and spreading dangerous teachings to the people. In order to protect Madonna's son's life shortly before Joshua's dead, she destroys the singularity of the Intersecting Space, the secret place of the kingdom. With the destruction of singularity, Joshua's soul is scattered into each of the intersecting spaces...

Rami Record Edit

Rami Record (라미레코드, Ramirekodeu) was serialized August 8 ~ October 14, 2008, in the Yahoo! Cartoonworld. But When Yahoo! Korea ended on December 31, 2012, he re-serialized this in Denma after the end of A Catnap A.E.

Here it turns out that the name of the SF-style religious group is Church of Madonna.

Parallel Lives Edit

Parallel Lives (플루타크 영웅전, Peullutakeu yeongungjeon) was serialized March 17 ~ August 31, 2009, in the The Daily Sports and Naver Webtoon. link (Korean)

Update days are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

He informed here that he likes Minzy. link (Korean) Translates in Google Translate: <Yanggun(Youngsoon Yang)'s atelier diary> 1.Waiting for idol / I was born in 39 years today and joined (Minzy's) fan club for the first time. I will brag to my wife and daughter. Minzy, Cheer up!!! / 2009.05.19.

The word Quanx refers to the 퀑 (Kwong), which is the last line of Episode 110 (Korean).

Denma Edit

Denma (덴마, Denma, a.k.a. Denma the Quanx) was first posted on Naver Webtoon on January 8, 2010, and has been ongoing ever since. Volumes

He draws many NSFW comics, so also Denma contains a lot of sexual parts.

We also Happy Day Edit

Special-We also Happy Day (Special-우리도 해피데이, Seupesyeol-Urido haepidei) was serialized February 14 ~ April 11, 2014, in the Ktoon (Korean).

June's Alarm Edit

June's Alarm (준의 알람, Junui allam) was serialized April 18, 2014 ~ January 28, 2015, in the Kakaopage (Korean).

MXM Master R & B Sigmund's Letter Edit

MXM Master R & B Sigmund's Letter (MXM 마스터 R & B 지그문트의 편지, Emekseuem maseuteo araenbi jigeumunteuui pyeonji) was serialized April ~ August, 2015, in the Lezhin Comics. It's written and drawed by Youngsoon Yang (Yang Young Soon) and colored by Seunghee Hong. Naver post (Korean)

And it was translated in English at April 8 ~ June 21, 2017. Tapas

This covers the story of R & B, the character of NCsoft's game Master X Master. Official wiki

See Sigmund's Letter.

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