I want you-- Even for just one day, I want you-- I will love you secretly! You're my perfect planet. The perfect, perfect-- You're my perfect planet. The perfect, perfect--
~ Z-Dragon's song on Sixteen (11)

Z-Dragon (Z용, Ziyong) is the character of Denma.

Biography Edit

Edel secretly peeks at Nell's diary on the hers blog and, following that day's posting, Edel listens to her favorite singer his song and followed his hairstyle. She says one of her wishes is to meet him in person, because he wonder how he creates such beautiful music. And she says he must have such a beautiful soul, and that must be the secret behind his ingenuity. In this part, skull head tells mohawk about the he went missing during the week of Madonna's birthday, and skull head assumes that Edel is somehow related to the case.

Trivia Edit

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